Providing The Maximum By Exploiting The Minimum

Founded in 2004, Tiva is a family owned and operated company specialising in Light Steel Framing (LSF) systems. With over 28 years of experience in this method of construction and more than 150,000 m2 of successfully delivered projects, we can proudly boast a number of industry firsts in the field of LSF in Iran. Over the years we have undertaken projects of various sizes in a number of sectors with more than 30 happy, returning clients. 

Our ability to manage the entire process from design, manufacture, assembly, on-site installation and management allows us to integrate the complete solution, guaranteeing programme efficiency and certainty. 

Our experts have extensive knowledge of light steel framing and have actively worked over the years to educate keen learners in the field. 

We are proud to be pioneers in:

  • the first 6-storey building in LSF in the Middle East and Asia
  • the first floor addition with LSF in Iran
  • the first multi-storey LSF building in Iran
  • the first one-storey LSF building in Iran

Our focus and forward-looking strategy, based on the skills and values we have acquired over the years, is to enter the international market, especially the Middle East and the GCC region. The challenges posed by different cultural contexts enables our company and its employees to grow and develop skills within an international environment.

We are aiming for internationalisation, innovation and sustainability as our key drivers for future developments.

Our Timeline