Light Steel Framing (LSF) is a construction system based on structures made up of cold-shaped galvanised steel elements, manufactured by cold bending or profiling of thin steel sheets. It can be used for roof systems, floor systems, wall systems, roof panels, decks as well as the entire building. There are various types of LSF systems which generally fall into two categories:

Light Steel Frame has the best strength to weight ratio over any other building material. These high strength to weight ratios equate to 6 tonnes of steel achieving the same performance as 120 tonnes of concrete and as a consequence of its light weight, dependant on ground conditions, less substantial foundations. There are many benefits to utilising LSF as the construction system, one of which being reduced deliveries to site due to its light weight, causing less disruption to the local community. Its prefabrication qualities also ensure a significantly less time on-site and much faster installation than conventional construction methods. 

Some of the main features of Light Steel Framing systems include:

  • The possibility to adapt to various architectural solutions;

  • The construction of buildings with high energy, acoustics and safety performances in case of earthquakes and fire;

  • The industrialisation of the system, which guarantees integration of the production system and the design, for excellent quality;

  • The lightness of dry construction combined with the high durability of steel constructions.

In short, LSF is more efficient, more cost effective and it delivers a quicker return on investment. Tiva offers a single source offsite solution. We design, manufacture, panellise and install light steel frame for multi-storey buildings of many uses.

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